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Welcome my dear friend to yet another exciting episode of potty racers 6 game that will allow you to explore your amazing skills to race. You will love the new game because of the improved options and upgrades. The important factor that will amaze you mostly is that the shopping cart game and your every precious move and scores that you have gained because of your efforts and skills can be saved and so when you start playing the next time you can start from the last time’s episode. Thus it will allow you to relax and enjoy every inch of the show without trouble. Even in this game you score high according to your skill to balance your cart while landing and speeding up the cart to jump to the biggest height and cover longer distance. The style and various tricks also can be performed for scoring extra points. The more you earn money the most that you can enjoy the race since you can upgrade your hot shopping cart with the awesome upgrades that are available such as the round wheels to speed up, rockets to help you down the hill, groupie, helmet to save your head, and there are various other hats as well that will allow you to enhance your style, dumpster and various other things. You can also purchase the tricks to perform during the race which will help you to score more. Good luck!

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