Potty Racers

Ride And Fly Your Stinking Potty With Different Styles And Show Your Skills. Enjoy The Thrill Of Playing Potty Racers

Potty Racer 3.4

Potty racer 3.4 is an awesome game that allows you to explore through 8 levels of excitement and fun. You can break newer levels by completing every level without any hindrance. There are loads of upgrades waiting for you to excel in the game. But in order to improve the performance level start increasing the scores which are actually earned money. In order to purchase these upgrades you need to score well in every level. And with this earned money start upgrading to the other levels. You can learn about the upgrades by clicking on the icon. If you want to make a purchase an upgrade you should click on the BUY button. There is a scrap yard where you can purchase rudders, elevators, engine and wings that will allow you to enjoy the flight. Make sure you buy the entire accessories that every scraps and machineries would need for a smooth ride. Once you have brought the entire collection of plane parts it is essential that you purchase the ability to perform various tricks like loop maneuver, inverted flight, barrel roll, Cuban eight, double loop maneuver and standing ovation. Start earning the money and points by playing and winning every level. Good luck!

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